Monday, January 31, 2011

The Case for God

I have started yet another book on my ebook reader, The Case for God by Karen Armstrong. What I have read today seems so promising and appropriate for me, I thought I would share my recommendation before I even finish it. I promise to let you know if my recommendation changes as I read further. I read as much as I could during a car ride. While it seems a little wordy at times*, I see the ideas expressed as critical to my understanding of the apparent battle between my science education and my growing faith in God.

And then I was humbled and affected so much by one little girl's tears. I'm just so sorry for the need for tears. There is no way to describe my feelings. I go to bed tonight with a renewed awareness of the importance of life and life's challenge.

*Yes, I have two blogs and the other is wordy, or at least more wordy. :)  But, on topic, my economic views follow my growing faith, as utterly strange as that may seem. While my politics become confused as my understanding of economics improves, I ask your forgiveness and indulgence for my irreverence as I try to learn and express things I know to be true in my heart, at least for now, or a moment or two.