Friday, August 5, 2011

Line 'em Up

When Richard Nixon resigned the presidency, his emotions were overwhelming and quite affecting to a young boy who had followed the Watergate hearings day after day on television. Richard Nixon had never shown this human side to me. To the contrary, he had seemed invinceable, strong, an enemy. This was really the beginning of my deep personal interest in politics, yet never again would I see such a dramatic emotional moment as that good-bye speech. Regret, sorrow, tears, and an off the cuff speech drenched with humanity. Then of course there was the impromptu lining up of the White House staff to create the traditional campaign handshaking line. But, oh, the emotion and the tears on their faces as the consumate politician said goodbye to each and every one, working the long familiar line of wellwishers one last time.

As I was waiting along the same kind of traditional line to see and shake hands with Barack Obama, I actually had the rememberance of that morning in 1974, and in my head, this James Taylor song: