Friday, October 7, 2011


All good things must come to an end. But for now....

not this blog!!  I've been variously busy with many things, Facebook experimentation, figuring out how to do a new evolving blog on Television, problems problems problems. But, I promise I am here to stay. Short format doesn't cut it but it was interesting trying on Facebook and I did influence a few more people than I will here on these dusty blogs. But while influencing people is all well and good, these blogs are more sympathetic with the way I want to write. But, take heart, maybe people don't need influencing anymore because they are actually protesting things that I have mercilessly, endlessly blogged on about in Michael's Aimless Blog. Honestly, though, anyone reading as much about economics as I was could hardly miss that "income inequality" was the central issue. That one wasn't too tough.

I must sadly announce two more blogs will make their appearance. A moment of silence for the world before I became obsessed... I cannot figure how to do all the things I need to do without them, so I will be starting the "Meadowview" blog. The first entries were published, here on this blog, I believe, under the heading "Meadowview Project." So you've read them already, right? :)  Nothing to see here, move along.

I  morphed Torpedo Sandwich of Truth into my personal blog which is now Tomato Sandwich of Truth. It is nonsensical but nonseasonal and tastes the same throughout the year.

And you thought that was the second new blog. No, I realize I need a short subject blog/news blog which was the way I began Torpedo Sandwich of Truth as an experiment.

So, the extremely sad rundown which shows I have nothing better to do with my life is:
  • Michael's Aimless Blog - politics, economics, and long form controversial
  • Michael's Amiable Blog - my friendly blog which will never harm a hair on your head
  • Michael's TV Warehouse - a blog about all things television, which will eventually include more an more of my interesting videotapes on CNN and not so interesting ones on the Beatles. Sound backwards? Well, you'll see if you read before it gets taken down. ) Actually I do have a lot of stuff on the Beatles not on YouTube so this could be of interest to someone. I have various clips of commercials and things long forgotten, but alas mostly Beatles and CNN backhaul feeds, you know... the fun behind the scenes stuff.
  • Meadowview: memories of my childhood mixed in with whatever false memories I have of my childhood.
  • Tomato Sandwich of Truth: Originally my short subject blog, now my personal blog. Personal, I said, why are you even interested? Move along...
  • Elroy's 21st Century History Class: Short subject postings of readings from my research into reality. Mostly the news itself.