Monday, February 4, 2013


That last post was my 150th post on this blog. This blog was started as a suggestion by a family member because my other blog, "Aimless Blog," was so political. Since then, I have gone on to create many blogs, many of which I am still updating which you will find on the bar above. I currently am spending most of my time on my television blog.

All of my blogs have gone through metamorphoses that basically changed the direction of the blog. I spent much time on Facebook where I have a wonderful group of "friends."  The interaction with them has increased my political awareness 100 fold. I spent some time doing graphics for one political group on Facebook.

 While my blogs have suffered from all the irons I have in the fire (I am also currently writting an e-book and much more intent upon the enjoyment of life), I still feel as if my blogging shows the transitions that have happened in my life better than any other format.

Thank you for reading.