Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Tip of the Metal Monopoly Top Hat to CNBC

A Tip of the Monopoly Top Hat to CNBC

I always chose the top hat when playing the Monopoly game. And a tip of that hat to you CNBC. Usually I make disparaging remarks about CNBC, which I listen to on Sirius XM on my way to work, but today... CNBC, I am not displeased. :)

On the way to work, I listened to Squawk Box, or some kind of squawk, and there were two analyists discussing the Bank of America settlement. They were talking about the settlement coming on the back end (probably a wealthy viewer digestible way to point out that Bank of America got bailouts and zero interest for 6 or so years so they can well afford these multibillion dollar settlements, well, you know, back end stuff) but then... suddenly...  this guy mentioned that people should have gone to jail.

CNBC analysts (admittedly now that jailtime is a remote almost nonexistent possibility) think that some people should have gone to jail. While there was a discussion of this, no one really disagreed. Wow.

Then, I happened to get in my car this afternoon and an analyst (I listen on radio so I am blind to who is talking other than the obvious Jim Kramer) said he almost drove his car off the road when he heard this concept of "going to jail" on his way to, presumably, CNBC. So, I thought "Well, here it is. The blowback completely negating this morning's conversation."  But.... the other analyst (I think, he might have been interupting) and then this guy himself said that people deserved to go to jail, outlined their obvious (pointed out almost as many times as the dollars they defrauded) illegal activities, and then actually brought up the corporate personhood supreme court decisions. He actually made the argument that if corporations have the rights of people then they should also pay the penalties people pay (jail time) when they break the law. Individuals in the coporations, he pointed out with a particularly egregious case as an example, knew exactly what they were doing, and needed jail time. All this came out in a conversation where both of the analysts were agreeing. I am not sure how many were on th Squawk Box panel in the morning, but somewhere between 4 and 6 analysts did not disagree with this assessment.

I was stunned. I considered driving my car off the road in sympathy.

Ok, I admit it. CNBC, you might be sometimes idiotic in your pandering to the wealthy, but... not always.  When something is so obvious that it is difficult to state the opposite without vomiting in one's mouth, then... you guys are the bomb! :)  Seriously, good job! Help put some obvious villians in jail. Well, yeah right, and cure cancer with a highschool chemistry set while you are at it.

hastily written by / Michael DeVore