Friday, December 17, 2010

Turkish to Me

Where I work, I often have to help people when their laptops will not connect to our open wireless network. There are many reasons a laptop would not connect, not the least of which is a block placed on their laptop by our system for running peer-to-peer sofware. Of the last 10 or so people, all have been blocked for this reason which I can really only tell by eliminating all other possible reasons a laptop mightn't be working correctly.

The nicest lady, who turned out to be from Turkey, came up to me and needed help with her laptop. It was not connecting to our network, of course. Dread filled my mind. I'm going to have to explain the subtleties of peer to peer networking here to this nice lady who looked as innocent as a dove on a Hallmark card.

Dread turned into dismay as I clicked on the first icon only to recieve a pop up box written entirely in Turkish. I asked things like "does this say 'yes'?" or "does this say 'disconnect'?."  Finally, tried and true methods got her laptop working. I turned the network button on and off (similar to the old reboot) and eventually maneuvered slowly through the screens. The Turkish Google website popped up.