Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I apologize once again for putting less than an amiable entry in this blog. I really do try but juggling a few blogs is a little harder than it might appear. But I do try.

My amiable thoughts have been on music, bread, and Seville. Walking in the wonderful weather has done me a lot of good. Despite the pine tree pollen, my walks have been musically wonderful. My stepdaughter helps me out a bit here as she has pretty much the same musical tastes as I do, or at least knows my tastes pretty well and always has great suggestions.

The bread comes from a young lady here in town. She makes absolutely the best banana bread in the entire world. The loaf is huge and she only charges only 5 dollars. I told her I wanted two more loafs but I would not buy them unless she raised the price. Today she brought me two loaves of sourdough. I love homemade sourdough, especially in tomato sandwiches.

Seville or not Seville. My favorite port on the last cruise was Cadiz. I was alone here walking through the city and just found it so awesomely relaxing, quaint and full of gelato, lots of gelato. But, should I do an excursion to Seville and cut my day short in Cadiz?  I would love to see Seville, but the whole point is relaxation and Cadiz was so very relaxing.