Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meadowview Project, Part 3

Southern Meadows Apartments was the name of our apartment complex. No one called it that. We called it Meadowview. My Meadowview experiences had a beginning and an ending and while many things I learned there affected the rest of my life, nothing would ever be the same after my departure from Meadowview My brother and sister grew up in many places as our father was in the Air Force. By the time I came along this had all pretty much settled down. There was a period that Mom Dad and I lived in Trenton New Jersey but that passed very quickly and almost seems more like an extension of the Meadowview part of my life. Apples, strawberries, my first ride on a bike, rotten kids, and Astro boy and then  somehow I found myself in the same apartment in Meadowview again. It is dreamlike. 

to be continued.