Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Up In Blue, by me

It was a dark and stormy night
I was restin’ my head
The rain just kept rollin’ down
The broken down cow shed.
My billet, it seemed a mile away
I let it flow downstream
They never did like just what I said
Along the same old theme
As I antied up a chunk of myself
Fallin’ for the cheap card tricks
I found myself spendin' time
Snapping these age worn sticks in two
Tangled up in blue.

Snake in the grass was the phrase she used
Rammed it down my throat
As if I was worthy somehow
To be tossed like an overcoat.
Her face was screwed into a spirtual rage
Neck strained forward, tense
Like a shore of jagged rocks
Unseen before or since.
The day she left, her minions paused
And resumed their austere work
Survivors of a clash between
Their lonesome god and their kneejerk views
Tangled up in blue.

Later on as I slithered on down
Blinded by the best foresight
I basked and wallowed
On the trail of the new daylight.
Kings and queens, they took the stage
Playing to the mezzanine
Timely noting if I were impressed
But I fluffed my old blue jeans.
Finally I saw in the offing
There would be a dearth of choice
A familiar mockingbird singin' lies
Countin' on my throat to voice them too.
Tangled up in blue