Sunday, April 3, 2011


Traditional Disney story telling married with CGI. This is one of the best Disney animated movies. How high it ranks I cannot guess but I know a classic when I see it. Tangled is everything I could hope for in a Disney movie. A seemingly limited fairy tale plot is transformed into one of the most beautiful and heart tugging movies I have ever seen. The CGI reminds one of traditional animation more than it does of CGI. The characters are tremendous. The story is unique and yet beautifully crafted from traditional dramatic elements. The attention to detail is unparalelled. There is wonder in this film. I'm so happy to have experienced it without a newfangled 3D set.  No distractions were needed. No doubt my second viewing will be on the Disney Magic, in state of the art 3D with a bag of popcorn by my side. Disney is in my life to brighten my very soul.