Thursday, August 2, 2012

You May Not Remember but....

Actually, you may not remember this graphic from the presidential race in 1999. I have been trying to forget it myself ever since but, alas, it keeps coming back to me late at night when the onion soup I had at dinner starts to bother me. I'm sure you don't remember the following graphic which may well be the first animated presidential graphic in history, done for the Al Gore campaign. I don't know. I seem to be documenting things that no one would really ever care about on my Television Warehouse blog, so why not here, too.

I guess this is pretty historic since the Internet was so decisive in the next winning Democratic presidential campaign. Oh, I thought about rewording that sentence, but it stands true no matter how you read it.
And I guess the part that people really don't know is that I would have been ambassador to Sri Lanka if Gore had purchased lawyers a bit more convincing, or perhaps purchased a few Supreme Court judges. You see.... I had a graphic long before Gore's animated gif and the copyright fees were payable to me upon the successful conclusion of the campaign. You see my DeVore 2000 celebration had the following graphic first:

Actually, I say it was long before Gore's graphic but I really mean it was a month or so after I first noticed it, and was in fact a paste up job copying their original graphic. It was done on the fly to capture a nice gig in Sri Lanka, which I would have had as forensic animated gif technogy was in it's infancy. Yet fate did not smile upon me in Florida.