Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happily Blogging and Interneting Away

With no purpose in mind this time, I am truly happily blogging again. I just wrote a piece that attempted to purge my soul over on my Aimless blog. I am happily updating my Sandwich blog with the essentials of TRUTH as I know it. In fact this blog entry really belongs there in the Sandwich, but with a little less mayonnaise.

I am even going full throttle with my Television Blog after starts and stops while learning the best process. That one is turning out to be the most fun of all. I haven't seen these videotapes which I am posting for years. I hope nothing stops me until I am finished with the full set. So far I have done a few CNN clips, a few test clips, and I am working on a complete behind the scenes Disney World Nancy Kerrigan (the figure skater known best for being bashed in the leg before the Olympics and allowed to participate by pure faith, pushing Michelle Kwan out of the games). She was quite endearing at the time for those who have patience enough to get to know her. Otherwise, you could look at the News coverage of her which bashed her worse than her knee had been bashed after her "gaffe" on the Olympics stand. We all have our failures, but "being real" was not one of Nancy's. Other than lots of oddity type clips like Nancy Kerrigan's live feed, or a short clip of Anderson Cooper practicing his script when he was such a young man, I have basically CNN backhaul feed stuff (or wild feed stuff) from their early days before they had competition. I am sure this is absolutely unique. When I was posting a few things on Nancy Kerrigan on YouTube, it was amazing how quickly someone picked up my taped feed of her phone call with President Clinton. Who would guess that would be such a unique or interesting clip to someone? I now have that one posted with better quality elsewhere and accessible from my TV Blog. I'll not use YouTube anymore unless I have to. The people that comment on there make it seem like they are a rabble of ne'er-do-wells. Pearls before swine. :)

I have Beatles, mainly solo Beatles, but am trying to post only things I have not seen elsewhere on YouTube. Every Johnny Carson clip I have have come across so far that I thought was interesting, had already been posted on YouTube somewhere if you did the correct search, who knew? Every person appearing so far has a fan base that posts clips that they have. How odd!

Translating and uploading my videos takes time but it is an enjoyable activity. It is very relaxing. It is what every hobby should be.

I discovered what a great resource for ideas and thought Facebook could be. Who knew? Again you have to put some time into it. But after finding the right mix of "friends," I have such an enjoyable time there. No kidding, I have a Facebook experience that is so different from and so much better than what I ever thought it would be.

I like my online presence. Remember that when they come to arrest me for what I've said on here. :)