Monday, September 12, 2011

102 Minutes

I started my day off with the A&E documentary on 9/11 and it made me realize how thankful I am for everything I have been given. I remember being on the phone with Wanda ten years ago and weeping uncontrollably when the first tower collapsed on television. We knew it had fallen before CNN understood.  I was overcome completely and had to put the phone down. I paced the floor and cried.  I finally came back to the phone and could barely get out the words "We just witnessed thousands of people die." We also were cognizant of the firemen that must have been in the building. I remember saying "They need to get every one of those firemen out of that second building. They need to just run." I was very stressed at that and felt helpless. When the second tower came down, it was much clearer and more obvious on television. It just took my breath away. There was nothing to do but cry. It was over.

Wanda's and my 5th wedding anniversary was about a week ago. I am blessed beyond belief, no matter how many aches and pains I have.

There was a man in the documentary I saw today covered in thick dust, dust that had brought many to the ground coughing and hacking, in the dark eerie smoke that surrounded, this man said as he went by the person with the camera "I'm 69 but I can still run." I'm not sure why but I found his spirit very infectious.

The documentary was very overwhelming itself. It showed the story without narration. It showed the moments that we don't want to think about. It showed the helplessness in people's faces and the bravery of the government workers who tried to do the impossible. It showed the defeat they felt. It showed the way things appeared to ordinary people on the streets of New York.

I have to remind myself that there are other tragedies that are personal like this, tragedies where those involved are the only ones who understand the full extent of the moment. I have to remind myself of the innocent people in Iraq who died by the hundreds of thousands.

I felt it important that I relive September 11, 2001 with all of my emotion. Thank you to the producers of this documentary. It has to be the most compelling television I have ever seen.