Friday, September 30, 2011

All Too Much

It has been a strange journey. I never felt so disorganized on a Disney Cruise, ever. This was all my fault by covering my eyes to all the information I could have researched and it was all to my pleasure. There were so, so many things to explore. I'm literally seeing the world in a new way.

There was a preponderance of kids that we have not seen before, but we love kids so they are usually more precious than in the way. The ship was gleaming from port to stern. There is not an improvement I have ever thought of that hasn't been incorporated into the design, down to the smallest detail. It was as if they had addressed every comment card ever left, and then, taking all that into consideration, imagineered into the future beyond one's wildest dreams.

The new Animator's Palate restaurant is simply the best restaurant I have ever visited in my entire life. It is the show piece that awed me beyond words. The magic was so incredible that I just cannot describe the sensation. Our table was oval that setting for our large group was spot on perfect. We interacted so well and the room interacted with us so well. It was one of my top Disney experiences, I will never forget it.

While the surprise of Animator's Palate was heightened by the fact that I did not research beforehand, finding my way around the ship was chaotic. I'm not sure where the happy medium lies with research here. I found myself constantly surprised by nooks and crannies. Artwork would occasionally animate when I did not expect it. Surprise and wonder are good things and are rare in our world, so I believe I did the right thing by stepping aboard the ship ignorant of almost everything.

The Aquaduck water slide lived up to it's billing. The food was fantastic. The stage shows were so full of talented people. With expectations dancing on the head of a pin, the new show, "Believe," did not disappoint and instead dazzled so much you had to argue with yourself whether the previous signature show "Dreams" might be better, or might not. I prefer the message of Dreams, by just a bit, but it was so nice personally to see new production numbers from Mary Poppins and, glory be, The Princess and the Frog. Princess Tiana dazzled. (Ok, Ok, I do have a favorite princess and it is Tiana.)

I could go on and on about the ship and the joy and the magic. I could go on and on about our four days. The Dream was simply the most beautiful and well appointed ship in the world. I do not have to see other ships. THIS one is the best in the world.