Saturday, September 24, 2011

Country Dreamer (alt. One Hand Clapping version) - Paul McCartney

Finishing out the Beatles theme on all my blogs: This version of Country Dreamer turned out to be a revelation to me. The reason this song was not a favorite of mine before was that in it's polished state I just accepted it as a country song. What this version reveals is the entirely British tongue in cheek nature of the parody of the southern or country music. It also respects the music deeply. It is a game Paul was playing in composing it. It strengthens a conception that I have had for a while that Paul doesn't write to make hits, he writes and performs for the pure joy of it, releasing music that he really doesn't care if we understand or get it. It is a trait of of many artists as well as The Beatles and solo Beatles efforts from the time they became so famous.

Anyway I now "get" Country Dreamer.