Sunday, September 11, 2011

My First Grade Class

This is my First Grade class. Click on the pictures to get the full size scan. You might have to click again depending on whether your browser is set to resize. These are big scans. (I will get this done better later but I have limited computer capability at the moment. )

Miss Warren is the teacher.  I am the only student holding my writing tablet up. I'm sure I did not follow instructions. I was creative even then. Angela Browder is in the back row, second from the right. I believe Steve Huffman is in this picture and I believe him to be in the front table second from the right. I think Larry (I'm not sure what his last name is but will find out because he is related to my sister-in-law) is on the first table, second from the right. I believe Jenny Welch is in this picture and is the one at the closest head of the first table showing her beautiful legs. :)  It is either Nicky or Dicky McPherson that is on the first table 4th from left. Any help with the names on the kids in this picture would be a great help. I used to remember all of their names all through grade school. Feel free to comment below this post.