Monday, October 1, 2012

PS: Lesson 3 is Not to Believe Lessons 1, 2 or 3

I have been on the Internet forever. Windows 3.1 was a big deal when it finally came around.

My Playstation 3, the most awesome Christmas gift my wife had given me up until that time, which saw about 2 hours of gaming in it's lifetime and just countless hours of video streaming and blu-ray use, finally broke. It was the Yellow Light of Death or YLD, as the game types call it, and off to the attic it went. I bought a Sony Network something or other to replace it for $40 and it was ok. I also have 2 Rokus and not enough need for any of this stuff. 

Here is the way it went down:

I had invited my wife to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel which is near our home to make Friday more of a Friday, since I work on Saturday. Wanda gets home early on Friday, so this is relatively close for her to drive and it is on my way home from work. We are in the middle of our meal and somehow I mention the PS3. Wanda said: As a matter of fact, I was just playing around and bought some bids on this site. You pay a certain amount of money for a certain amount of bids....

Now, I am not one to let anyone complete their story. It is something my wife puts up with and actually continues to love me. I usually let people I don't know well complete their stories but, the better you know me, the better you must be at remembering where you left off before being rudely interrupted.

At this point I said: Oh gosh no, not one of those sites that sell numbers of bids? Those are constantly cited as some of the biggest ripoffs out there. How much money did you lose?

So my wife said as usual: Let me FINISH my story.

Well, you have to guess by now, that I was totally wrong in my interruption. She spent $20 dollars buying bids and actually won a PS3 for a dollar. With free shipping, from Amazon no less, the total expenditure came to $21. She had leftover bids and wasted those away on something else she did not win, because you never win! It is just out and out gambling with the advantage going to the house, or Internet site. You really have to take their word for it that the person who wins a bid actually exists in real life.

Wanda completely agreed with my interpretation, but there at home, like it came from the tooth fairy, was a new in box PS3.

Netflix is far better on this newer slim PS3 than on the old one, either Roku, or the Sony networking whatever it is.

I will not divulge the name of the Internet site as they deserve no publicity. They are sleazy. Wanda will not be buying more bids because she agrees with me.... and of course, I am wrong.