Saturday, October 13, 2012

'a masterpiece of calculated chaos'.

"An abstract painting by the German artist Gerhard Richter has sold for £21.3m, setting a new record for the price paid at auction for the work of a living artist." "...described by Sotheby's as 'a masterpiece of calculated chaos'."
I am in the business of calculated chaos, I know calculated chaos, and you sir, are not chaotic! I don't know.... I'm thinking that maybe my blogs do have clothes on despite what the peasant child says.

Actually, in further investigation of this picture which was growing on me, I believe the artist hung the picture sideways after a failed attempt at doing a landscape. Here you can clearly see the shore at the bottom. the lake in perspective and in the distance you can see the houses with roofs. Then a bunch of scribbly stuff to disguise it. Looked at in this light it is not chaotic at all. Failed landscape picture, paint splashed on top to disguise it. :)  Are those people walking along this side of the lake? You be the judge my friend. :)

I think the artist turned it sideways when storing it and said "Eureka, that looks vaguely like Barnabas from Dark Shadows with a runny nose peaking around a door frame!"  I can sell that old piece of trash I screwed up on. :)  Abstract painting. Meh.