Thursday, October 11, 2012


I have been hard pressed to find the time to write long form blog entries. I am basically wearing myself out keeping to a schedule, that while impressive, is not really doing my health any good. I have little time to walk, listen to music, and daydream.

I long for one more month to go by, when I will be unencumbered by self-imposed work in my off time. I have at least learned in a very short period of time that I have a few things to contribute to the world and the world seems to like them.

I have always contented myself with small personal triumphs. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone apply for a job online, for instance. Today, however, I had to tell someone the bitter truth that the people who had sent him to the library to apply probably had  no idea if there was a job opening in the category he had enquired about. I took him through the entire search of the particular employer. Finally I explained this problem he was encountering. The man shook my hand and said "thank you so very much." I think under normal circumstances I probably would have felt guilty that I could not personally help him but you know, the man really appreciated me leveling with him. I had suggested a job center nearby that would probably know much more than I about the particular situation and emloyer and off he went.

I guess, through my problems with handling stress, I just have ignored these kind of honest moments. The last thing I ever want to be is the guy that discouraged someone from a path that might lead them to a better life or even greatness. Yet, sometimes what someone needs to know is to change directions. The stress of sending someone in a new and unknown direction was always too much for me, but with a few small accomplisments in areas where I never thought I would accomplish a thing, I suddenly have more confidence to use my 54 years of wisdom gathering to make decisions that may well turn out right or wrong. I just do not stress and I do my best.

Daydreams are great. Daydreams that lead to accomplishments? Well, you can't get better than that. I will have so much more time to daydream soon. Maybe these daydreans will not be as productive without a defined mission. But you know, how many pats on the back does one need to prove that one is doing the right thing in living life in the best way one can?

[Oh yes, as part of my photoshop training, I have created a new logo for this blog. I am proud of the fact that my simple idea very quickly translated into final product.]