Friday, October 5, 2012

Time Managed and Spent

Since things change so rapidly in my life so it is time for another rundown of what I do with spare moments of time gathered here and there, while on break, or skipping lunch, or watching TV with my wife and stepdaughter or traveling to church or whatever...

I blog at Mike's Amiable Blog, Mike's Aimless Blog, Tomato Sandwich of Truth, Crazy Mike's TV Warehouse (currently on election season sabbatical), and Tumblr. I am on Facebook and Twitter @joemuseum (composed of the most innocuous tweets I can manage).

My online presence has grown substantially on Facebook as I work for one more month with a political page. It has been rewarding.

Time management is at a peak in my life even if I cannot keep all of these projects really properly done! For my extended years of time I am most wondrously happy.

Oh, I completely forgot my parody of an 18th century blog: Rampant Letters. My excessively excessive attempt to do the different. P.S. you won't like it. As you would also not like my TREC blog, my parody of a graphics designer with a grudge against his electric company. The line between parody and reality... sometimes I wonder where this will all lead... but the journey IS the finest in my life!