Sunday, June 12, 2011

Incongruous in Madeira, Portugal

Pirate Night. This being my 7th Disney cruise I was all decked out and out on deck for Pirate Night. I wanted to walk around the ship and take pictures of Madeira about 30 minutes before my stage show, "The Art of the Story." This is one of my favorite shows and I had only seen it once or maybe twice before, on the longer cruises. The performance turned out to be probably the best of the cruise as well. So, time zones having placed the production in the daytime and I not wanting to change clothing two times, decided to put on my Pirate wear before the show which is kind of traditional anyway. Again, 7th cruise, I knew Disney Cruise Line and I knew my seemingly incongruous outfit for late afternoon would be as enjoyable as it was. And I was not alone of course, because 1st seating dinner folks had to be dressed about this time. However, I was fairly alone on deck in the afternoon sun in pirate garb admiring the site of Madeira's absolutely stunning beauty.