Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still in Madeira

This street was fascinating. It was alternatively busy and quiet. I could have wandered the street forever with nothing more on my mind than how unique each new moment in life is.

Then there was a really nice park that was just so relaxing. I took a lot of shots of plants and typical park stuff here, but the joy was really in walking around. I think I took more than a few good videos here so I will probably post a few of those too. It was really the best day of my cruise, so much packed into one day, and oddly I wasn't the least bit tired during all the good stuff. At the end, I was thankful that the next day was a day at sea. I've looked at some of the Mediteranean cruise schedules and some of them are port after port after port. I guess you see a lot this way but how much can you really enjoy if you are hitting them one after another? I'd guess the experience would be different from me wandering around Madeira relaxed and calm.