Sunday, June 12, 2011


Being alone on the cruise was an easier and more rewarding experience than I thought it would be. These two girls were awesome. They were always having a good time and always kind and thoughtful. They even showed up in a film that had been taken by a Disney cast member shown on stage during the farewell performance. I talked to one of the twins early in the cruise near the soft drink station. I said it was nice that they often dressed alike because when I grew up, people thought it was not good for twins to dress alike. The girl was honestly astonished. I told her it had a lot to do with a perceived need for individuality. She nodded knowingly but still talked about how surprised she was that it had been that way. I related that my mom was also a twin and that it was nice to see this young lady and her sister together sharing. Which of them I talked to earlier I cannot tell from this picture but I'll guess it was the young lady on the right.

Notice in the picture how each is clutching her handbag exactly like the other. I know this kind of thing is not practiced because this is almost a semi candid photo. I had just asked them and their mom if I could take their picture to remember them by. It is really not posed though it looks posed. I took the picture to0 fast for them to think and to pose. This is just they way they were, very much alike. You can see by mom's face that she is delighted. I cannot imagine another circumstance other than a Disney Cruise where I would fit in so well with complete strangers.

The clutching of the handbag is so incredibly similar but also notice the watches, which match of course, but are mirror images being on different hands. That is, the twins facing each other would look the same. Also, one is wearing a bracelet and the other a ring. So, they are not dressing alike for others but as a sharing experience. The watch appears to match not to others, but as they face each other. This is just a supposition of course, but I really think I might be on the right track with this observation. You had to see them together over a period of time to see the full nature of their sharing and it's naturalness to them. This was taken towards the end of the cruise, second formal night.

Also, notice that mom is holding a really beautiful Disney handbag. Disney is family, Disney is an America that often seems to be dwindling in my ordinary workaday life. I love the time when I can be a part of a very real aspect of the world as seen through the lens of Disney. This view of life evolves with time but around a core of values and beliefs that however dated by the lack of understanding of some is really beyond time for those with faith, trust, and, well yes, pixie dust.